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Automatic AMF Controllers

HJ110 series AMF controllers are designed to control the Standard AMF logic, prevalent in the power generation industry. Because of its compact and powerful design, external wiring and components are reduced to the minimum, which enhances the overall performance of the AMF panels.


Basic functions of Hj110 SP and HJ110 TP, are same, except that HJ110 SP is meant for the single phase generators and HJ110 TP has necessary operational differences related to three phase generators.



Features of HJ110 Series AMF Controllers




BT110 AMF Controllers


BT110 series AMF CONTROLLERS, which are powerful and dedicated AMF controllers for Mobile / Telecom BTS Shelters, providing complete power management. It comprises of Intelligent AMF controller for generator, Mains Supply Monitor, shelter Battery Monitor, Remote Fault alarms and much more.


Exclusive shelter battery monitoring avoids unnecessary running of generator. Generator running hours depend on the BTS Battery condition, hence, reducing overall running of generator, resulting in low maintenance and trouble free running for longer periods.




BT110-S AMF Controllers


It Contains all the features of BT110, with the addition of :