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About Us
Back to the Past

In the year 1996, Waders Power Control made its humble beginning, primarily to develop automation products required in the field of Power Generation. For years, we were busy in developing and manufacturing products that provide standard as well as customized automation to our clients. All these years and still now, our main concern is to provide best products backed by the best after sales services to our clients.

Few years back, we stepped into the world of microcontrollers and as the result, today, we have changed nearly all our products to embedded environment. Now, our products are more flexible and overall more control over applications, benefiting the end user.

It is our sense of practicality, combined with creativity and commitment, that helps us to design an ultimate product. This approach makes us stand apart from the crowd because we look at things from end user point of view, site environment and its practical application. That is why, we feel proud to mention that all our products are marvel in their own fields, as compared to those who manufacture similar products. Our expertise lies in the fact that we provide customized automation, according to the requirement of our clients. Thus our product list is continuously growing and amended as the requirement comes in.


We are continuously designing innovative products, to match the changing scenario of our industry. That is why, we have a vast product range comprising of simple timers to modem and SMS controlled devices. But, being our policy, to put our best in each product, all our products whether simple or complicated, are a marvel in their own.
Among our latest products, we have designed India's first Day/Night switch that is based on astronomical sunset and sunrise timings of the location, thus outsmarting all other so called Nature Switches, that use Optical/IR devices to control load.

Another extension of this Day/Night switch is the Energy Saver for street lights, that control multiple circuits of street light, according to different timings, as well as, according to sunset/sunrise timings. We are pioneers in designing control systems for Multiple Air Conditioner units. The Air Conditioners are controlled according to the temperature and time. The device determines the temperature and accordingly turns ON and OFF, the number of units needed to accomplish the given temperature. Hence, resulting in tremendous amount of Energy Saving.

Our era, is the era of Telecommunications. We have ventured into the GSM communications, to provide our customers, an unparallel interface between our products and mobile phones. In all our products, an optional interface can be provided to enable the user to know the current status of the functioning of the product and its environment, through text messages(SMS). This interface also gives the user an oppurtunity to control connected devices through text messages.

Our other innovative product is the Automatic Energy Saving system for Indian Railways which continuously monitors the arrival/ departure of trains and switch ON/OFF the platform lights, accordingly.

Along with these products, we are also manufacturing all type of control panels which includes the Power Distribution panels to Automatic Synchronizing panels. Our specialty is not only in making of the panel but we are also designing and manufacturing microprocessor based Synchronizing relays, Load Sharing Relays, AMF modules, Digital Timers for various applications etc., which are the controlling parts in any Automatic Panel. We are fulfilling many customized requirements for our valuable clients.

A brief list of our manufacturing is as follows :

Automatic/ Manual Synchronizing Panels for D. G. sets
Automatic/ Manual Power Factor Corrector Panels
Power Control Centre (PCC)
Motor Control Centre (MCC)
Bus Ducts & Rising Mains
Feeder Pillars
Automatic/ Manual Changeover Panels
Automatic Mains Failure Panels with AMF modules
Semi Automatic/Manual Generator Panels
Control desks
Mimic & Annunciation Panels
Power Distribution Panels
Pump Station Control Panels
Single Point Monitoring Panels
Instrumentation Panels
Control Relay Panels
A.C. & D.C. Drive Panels
Thyristor Control Panels
Panel for Specific Applications
Logic Panels (PLC/Microprocessor based)
Water Level Controller Panel for Pumps
SCADA Control Panels
Canopy Fan Controller Panels
Voltage Control Panels with voltage relays
Frequency Control panels with relays
Various Protection Panels with relays
A.C. Plant & AHU Starter panels
Automatic Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm Panels
Automatic Load Sharing Relays
Synchronizing Check Relays
Over/Under Voltage Protection Relay
Over/Under Frequency Protection Relay
Over Current Protection Relay
Earth Fault Protection Relay
Mains Supply Timer up to 100 hours.
Battery Supply Timer up to 100 hours.
Engine Start Sequencing Timer
Twin Air Conditioner Controller Timer
Separate ON/OFF Duration Controlled Timer 40) Programmable Temperature Switch

Personnel & Infrastructure

The company is equipped with a good team of objective achieving personnel. We have a dedicated staff for the designing and manufacturing of different products. We have necessary man power for various quality check points to achieve the best quality.

Our company is equipped with the necessary manufacturing equipments for providing the best quality using press machines, painting plants, drills, cutters, drills, etc. We have sufficient testing equipments at our various quality check points.

Research & Development Section

We are continuously paying attention towards our research & development programs to achieve excellent quality standards. Our engineers are continuously working on our new projects to produce better products and to set new trends in the field of electrical engineering. We are inventing digital electronic relays, etc. which are not easily available in our current electrical market. Similarly, we are developing programmable instruments for various jobs in our field, with many new & vital specifications.

Marketing Section

We have a good marketing staff under the able guidance of the experts in the field. We emphasis on different marketing techniques for our different products that include direct door to door marketing for our domestic use products, departmental marketing through our techno commercial marketing executives, marketing through advertisement, etc. We are adopting the latest e- marketing strategies by using internet services, etc.

After Sale Service Section

One of our greatest strengths, is our After Sales Support Team. Because, we believe that after sales services are the backbone of any good company. We have a long list of our satisfied customers. We achieve this customer satisfaction not only by the good product quality but also by our excellent after sale services. Generally, we take one year warranty/guaranty on our products and in this period, we give our best efforts to make sure that the products run fine at site and after that we offer an AMC contract for our customers for providing our services smoothly & efficiently, as always.


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