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Wide Range of Control Panels

Automatic Mains Failure Panel [ AMF Panel ]




Automatic Synchronizing Panels


These panels are used for parallel operation of two or more power sources. These sources may diesel generators or power transformers. Depending on the requirement, the synchronizing panels can be manual or automatic.


In Manual panels, generators are started and stopped manually. And, the parallel operation is done manually after checking voltage, frequency, phase angle, etc. of the generators.


For Automatic Synchronizing panels, the entire operation is completely operator free. And, it is done in following sequence:





Fire Fighting Panels




Automatic Power Factor Corrector (APFC) Panel


Automatic Power Factor Control (APFC) Panels maintain the power factor of the system automatically by switching the capacitor banks as per the needs of the system. The capacitor banks are controlled in manual or auto mode by the APFCR (Automatic Power Factor Control Relay) at desired settings.



Automatic Motor Control Panel


The DOL / FASD motor control panels are used to start and stop the motors. These panels also provide required safety to the motors like Single Phasing, over load, Over/Under Voltage, etc.



Distribution Panel


These panels have one or more power inputs with two or outputs. All the electrical parameters are displayed by analog or digital meters.