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Automatic School Bell Management System
Models Available in

15 Sessions / Day
25 Sessions / Day
25 Sessions / Day & 3 Seasons

Based on the latest microcomputer technology. Automatic Bell Management System PEON 110 is an elegant device, especially designed to ring the Schools/Colleges Bell automatically.


There is no need to assign an individual for ringing the bell, at different times during the day. A user can program the various timings of the periods, recess, etc. without any confusing code. With the provision of 15 - 25 Bells/Day (depends upon model), a user can also set the length of each bell separately, to identify different bells at different times, for example, separate bell for assembly, separate bell for recess, separate for periods, etc.


It has a crystal-clear LCD display, which helps the user to read and set various parameters easily. In case of power failure, all settings and Real Time Clock, are saved for 3 years.


Note - Ringer/Hooter/Siren is not included with the device. A separate 230V AC Ringer needs to be connected to the device.


Key Features